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🌟 Ever feel like you're just throwing content into the wind and hoping something sticks? Let's fix that.

Hi, I’m Jeff McKoy, your favorite faith & business strategist, and I help coaches blend the spiritual nature of their perspective with practical business systems to get clients faster, easier, and without feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Many coaches and entrepreneurs I work with have fallen into a common trap: they think more content means more success. They rush to create videos and posts, pushing out as much as possible, thinking this will boost their visibility and sales. But here's the truth—they end up frustrated. Their content doesn't connect, it doesn't convert, and they see little to no return on their investment. It's a cycle of quantity over quality, and it doesn't work.

Now, let's contrast this with a strategy that does work. The most successful online coaches—let's call them Intuitive CEOs—take a different approach. They understand that their audience craves connection and value, not just another video. They use ChatGPT and AI along with Deep-level Prompt Sequencing to ensure each piece of content speaks directly to their audience's needs and challenges. This isn't about creating less content; it's about creating the right content. Each video or post is crafted carefully to address specific concerns, build authority, and guide potential clients towards making a purchase.

The results? Higher engagement, better conversion rates, and more sales. Instead of wasting time and resources on content that misses the mark, they invest wisely in high-impact messaging that resonates. Their audiences feel understood and cared for, which builds trust and loyalty. This approach not only saves time in the long run but also enhances the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

If you want to create impactful, engaging content that resonates deeply with your audience instead of just flooding the internet with forgettable posts that get ignored, download my Deep-Level Perfect Messaging Prompt Sequence Frameworks for AI and ChatGPT. This guide will help you craft messages that build a loyal following and drive sales, so you can watch your efforts lead to real results.

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Your Favorite Faith & Business Strategist

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Katerina Arzani // Career Coach

I really like the way Jeff was able to hold space and be that container for what it is to have faith… To be clear… And to be driven – knowing that anything is possible in my business!

Bernie van Schalkwyk // Life Coach

 I really enjoyed working with Jeff. He helped me face the difficult questions that I was avoiding, and to put my coaching business into perspective with a step-by-step system. I am very, very thankful, and very, very pleased with the results I got while working with Jeff. 

Anyone who wants to go forward in life and with their business can absolutely reach the pinnacle with Jeff behind you and motivating you to take action in your business. Don't be afraid. Jump in, boots, and all. You will reap the benefits of the hard work that you put in!

Emily Hunter // Ad Copy Coach

Jeff has had an impact on my way of thinking, with his teachings about direction, focus, and clarity. I love how he makes it 'real' with every training.

For those of you reading out there, Jeff McKoy, is an Asterix amazing Astrid coach. He lays down wisdom as often as he can… Common sense, actionable stuff. One of those dudes out there who is doing it

Yolanda McIntyre // Manager

If you have Jeff, working with you, you know that you have someone who is dedicated to your needs, and what you want to achieve, because he's going to stay on you until you succeed. I recommend him to any business owner, because working with him definitely changed my life.

Amanda Tento  // CEO of The Determined Mom

This training really helped me to get organized and focused on what I need to do. Jeff is fun to learn from and passionate about what he does, kind and generous with what he shares. I look forward to working with him as my business continues to grow. Jeff will be an asset to any coach or expert fortunate to work with him. If you ever have a chance to work with him, do it!

Yorkova Dixie // Solopreneur

The thing Jeff really nailed for me was the lining of everything and how it all fits together... Facebook, webinar, business page, personal page - so it wasn't just frantic, random activity - but it all came together into a coherent strategy of omnipresence that just made sense.

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