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Creating Your BREAKTHROUGH Year 

In 2024... Starts SOON!

Application & Enrollment into the 2024 Inner Circle Mastermind is Open Now!

Are you ready to finally step into the role your business needs?

Interested in Applying for one of the Few Spots?

Register now to be the FIRST notified when we open the doors for founding members to my new Inner Circle Mastermind of EP3 Visionary, so that you too can reap the benefits of the same strategies used by today’s 7 & 8-figure entrepreneurs to make more money, reach more people, & create a bigger impact.

Community. Accountability. Step-by-Step Systems.

Through the years, I've taken the courses, joined memberships, engaged communities, and attended live events all across the US. The relationships that were built were essential to reaching the next level of success. And if you're not part of a mastermind, you are doing yourself a grave injustice. I'm not saying that you can't go at it alone and win, just know that it will be a lot harder and take a lot longer because you won't have the advantage of learning from the mistakes of those who have gone on before you. Joining a free Facebook group won't provide you with the level of community and support you need, although it is better than trying to do it alone!

But nothing has even come close to the transformation I received when I finally joined a high-level mastermind! That's where things really began to explode. I've written bestselling books, created signature programs, spoke at large conferences, coached thousands of students in paid communities, and I've been the chief marketing advisor to a network of 58 colleges across the United States. 

I've also personally mentored dozens of one-on-one clients and students, at various stages, across diverse niches, helping them achieve their own definition of success through their online businesses. And the time has come again to open the doors and do the same with a select few, hand picked applicants whom I will work closely with in a small intimate group to achieve success online in their coaching businesses. 

What is the Inner Circle Mastermind & How Can It Help me?”

The Inner Circle is designed for those who are looking for that edge in business and in life. If you feel like you're “done with online courses,” but you're still determined to take your business to the next level, a mastermind is absolutely essential. And the inner circle is your chance to immerse yourself with extraordinary I've been Louris who will push you, support, you, and lift you up like never before!

The Inner Circle isn’t an event… it’s a 12-Month Experience!

The promise of the inner circle is simple: to facilitate a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR in your business and your life. … and to catapult you, past your comfort zone, and into a whole new world of possibility, and quantum growth. And although those breakthroughs can happen in an instant, lasting changes take time.

Members of the Inner Circle get access to…

  1. Daily Support & Accountability inside our Intimate Facebook Group
  2. Monthly Coaching Calls & Hot Seats
  3. Quarterly 2x Live In-Person Events

All strategically designed to effectively support you for a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR in 2024!

The Inner Circle is Application-Only and Spots Are Limited!

90% of the magic of the Inner Circle is the members. They are what truly make it special. And I am truly honored and humbled to have a tractive a group of such extraordinary and successful astronauts who helped push me to a whole new level. And it is for this reason, admission into the Inner Circle is only available through application and an extensive interview process. 

Who is a Right Fit for the Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is not right for everyone. Here are a few qualifications and characteristics to help determine if you may be a right fit…

The Inner Circle is RIGHT for those who are:

  1. Content Creators, Online Influencers, or Software Developers, who are looking to make a big leap forward in 20234 (and beyond)!).
  2. Making a minimum of $100,000 in gross revenue for the 2023 Calendar Year.
  3. Work and play well with others (even if you're an introvert like me!).
  4. Willing to be open, coachable, and vulnerable.

“Great! What’s the Next Step?!”

Our Application Process will be opening up for 2024 Registrations shortly. To be notified, simply click the link below to add your name and email  to the list, thank you!